Why is everyone talking about pearlcore?

Pearls are our forever pieces!

Pearlcore? What is it you ask?

I'm glad you're here! I took a deep dive into the internet to research the wide web about this new trend!

We launched our pearl collection last year, little did we know it would become such a hit.. or should we say trend!

It was predicted that in 2022 everything pearl would be the in thing for the year, weather it comes to home decor, clothing choices, jewellery picks - Anything iridescent was going to catch your attention!

What a perfect trend to make it's way back to jewellery too! We like to think pearls are a timeless pick, a piece you can keep forever & pass down for generations! .... Just like.... The Signet Ring, which I was ecstatic to see made a huge comeback in the last couple of years!

Australia has taken charge!

Statistics say that Australia's search bars have been flooded with searches related to pearl items!

While pearl searches have tripled in 2022, especially in Australia, It's the wedding industry that's calling out for everything pearls!

Think nail art, hair styles, dress alterations, jewellery style & cake decoration! It can pretty much be incorporated into any aspect!

While we definitely have a particular feel and design here at The Gatherer's Grove, we found pearls fit in particulary well into our moroccan & indian inpired jewels. Giving that certain feel of luxury into the piece, I'm definitely ALL here for it! & for it to bridge the 'trend' aspect and move into a traditional forever jewellery love.

Each pearl we use is sustainably sourced, they're deemed too irregular, we love that we can give these irregular pearls a second lease on life & celebrate imperfectness that we find quite perfect in our opinion!