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  • New Website!
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    Emily Treacy

New Website!

Welcome to The Gatherer's Grove! This is a collection of jewels and home wares that i absolutely adore and i hope that you will too! 

Ive taken a little journey this year, to discover what it is that i love, to find a passion in me that was once missing and I've found it in The Gatherer's Grove!

Nothing excites me more than discovering a new product or place, sitting down with a cup coffee (a coffee is a must!) and sorting through my head all the possibilities and avenues i can peruse with this new exciting product!

I love chatting, opening new doors and exploring them, never be afraid to simply say hello! I love to collaborate! My minds only little, nothings more interesting that other peoples ideas!

- Emily x

  • Post author
    Emily Treacy

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