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Chaning Tides // Round Tassle Throw


Chaning Tides // Round Tassle Throw


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Changing Tides // Round Mandala Beach Throw

100% pure cotton mandala throws handcrafted in the motherland India, these throws add a touch of bohemian to any living space!

Perfect for:
➳ Bohemian inspired bedrooms
➳ Sun drenched beach days
➳ Picnics
➳ On the road adventures

These throws are completely handmade by an Indian screen printing technique, using traditional printing methods which takes up to a week to complete. Made from 100% cotton using only vegetable dyes in a vegan and cruelty free environment.

Each mandala throw has unique imperfection due to the handcrafted nature of which they were made.
Imperfections may include; Slight dye markings, spots or altered lines, each of these markings adds to the character and handmade charm of each throw. No two throws will be precisely the same, but will be wholeheartedly your own!

Each throw is made using vegetable dyes, to preserve the vibrant colours it is important to wash your mandala throw in a bucket of cold water, add half a cup of iodized salt and leave to soak for no longer than 5 - 10 minutes.
Please do not machine wash or tumble dry your throws!

#thegatherersgrove to share with us your mandala oasis!

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