Who doesn't love some water-friendly jewellery

Jewellery Care

All our pieces are water-freindly, hypoallergenic & nickle free

Every day we’re in and out of water and sometimes that annoying task of taking off all your jewellery is easily forgotten! You’ll be happy to know all our Jewellery is water friendly! Meaning they can be worn daily without having to remove them when you jump in the shower, or go for a quick swim!

Not all water is the same! Our natural oils in our skin and water exposure helps to keep our jewellery shining! However, any harsh or abrasive chemicals can damage your jewellery so we recommend removing before swimming in a chlorinated pool or chemically heated water

Let’s break it down!

Shower Water

As mentioned - The natural oils present in our skin help to naturally clean our jewellery. Water itself has no significantly harsh chemicals that have a negative effect on our pieces, making showering in your jewellery perfectly fine! Mild soap and water can actually help to wash away any lasting residue picked up from your skin or dirt in the air.

Please note that any harsh chemicals used for your hair can cause damage. Be wary when using tinted shampoos and treatments on your hair.

Swimming Pools

Most pools are treated with chlorine. It’s not recommended to take your jewellery swimming with you in this case. The abrasive chemicals can cause Sterling Silver to dull & cause the Gold Vermeil to erode.

If you’ve forgotten! Don’t panic❣️ Give your pieces a gentle clean with mild soap and water so the chemicals don’t sit on the jewellery.

Hot springs & Spas

There is generally more chlorine in spas & lots of minerals, specifically Sulfur in Hot Springs, which leads me to saying it’s more important to remove your pieces prior to a dip. The chemicals mixed with the heat can fast track the negative effects. Rinse with cold water and mild soap and completely dry if exposed to these components.

Salt Water

Although it’s okay to swim in the ocean with your jewellery, Salt can naturally be quite corrosive, so it’s recommended to rinse your jewellery after swimming to remove the residue that sits on your jewellery.