Sweetheart Drop Necklace Gold

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Meet your new favorite trinket, the Sweetheart Drop Necklace. Picture yourself wearing this charming piece, with each dainty heart charm glinting like tiny suns caught on a golden string. It's not just another accessory; it's a whisper of romance and a token of self-love that rests gently against your skin.

Crafted with love in 18K Gold Vermeil, this necklace brings you the luxury of gold with daily wear durability. The extra-thick 2-micron layer ensures your sparkle won't fade - it's like having a little piece of forever. Each heart, connected seamlessly to the next, symbolizes an unbreakable bond of warmth and affection.

  • Weight: 2g
  • Chain Length: 38cm + 5cm extender
  • Charms: 5mm x 6mm hearts x 5
  • Vermeil: 2 Micron 18K Gold,
  • Palladium Barrier + E-coat for extra shine and durability
  • Base: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Marked .925
  • SKU #N020G
  • High Polish
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Sterling Silver - 

Each Gatherer's Grove piece is made from 925 Sterling Silver!

92.5 Sterling Silver is the perfect material for every day wear -
water-friendly & hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin types!

Caring for your Sterling Silver -

Each piece is finished with a high polish - when your jewellery is ready for
a clean, simply polish off any oxidization with a Sterling Silver
polishing cloth - If you're wearing your jewellery daily, the natural oils in your skin will keep your jewels fresh and clean.

If your pieces have been stored away, they can develop a natural
this occurs naturally when chemicals from substances are mixed with
oxygen creating a layer on the surface of the silver, this
can easily be polished back to normal with a Sterling Silver polishing cloth.

Store your pieces in the complimentary Gatherer's Grove box provided with each order!

18K Gold Over Sterling Silver / Vermeil -

Our every day wear 18K Gold Vermeil - Staring with a sterling silver base which is then electroplate with an ultra thick 3 micron layer of 18k gold. Followed by a Palladium Barrier
lasting shine. This combination features only precious metals making it
ideal for sensitive skin. Insuring your pieces remain durable
and long lasting.

Caring for your 18K Gold Vermeil -

18K gold vermeil is shower-friendly!

Care needs to be taken to avoid any harsh chemicals that can erode the gold vermeil

To read more about the chemicals to avoid feel free to take a look at our 'Jewellery Care' page

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